Create at the same scale as you can Destroy

Short Films, Video Art, Video Essay, Animation, Documentary, Fiction, Music Videos, Feature films etc…
We are working and developing a space where filmmakers can showcase their art with like minded people. In the real world and online.  Offer a catalog for emerging or veteran creators around the globe. Art in these weird times helps us deeply for communicating and sharing ideas. There are few narratives going on in the media, commonly they filter reality in templates that construct ways in which we learn the “correct” way to how we must see, perceive and think. Being aware of the uniqueness of our immediate world, the richness and chaos that surround us everyday is key for creating "new" ways of perceiving, sensing, thinking, feeling and overall exist.

Art, and film are more than just stories. More than fancy images.
Being confronted by different narratives, and values helps us expand the conception we have about “reality”. Artists with their weirdness and spirit help us enlarge our ability to imagine.


After the screenings/streamings the Selected Filmmakers will be included in our Artbook Kwalhia Catalog and get a free digital PDF copy. 

You can read the full Gene Youngblood presentation here.
Please note we work independently to BIM or any institution. We share ideas whenever they are good enough.